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passing parameters to a function in core MY_Controller


I hope that this is possible

Can I pass parameters to functions in CORE/MY_Controller?

I am developing a application that has three controllers and most of the functions are the same so I want to code functions ones and use them again in their respectable controllers when need.

function like search_User_Name() will be in both of the controllers, it will be cool if i can get to code it once and reuse it. the problems that i am facing at the moment are

The MY_Controller.php is not in the same folders as other controllers
The search_User_Name() function has to receive parameters like search_User_Name($var1, $var2)

I have a controller in the core folder as MY_Controller

class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller{

public function __construct() {

public function Testing($var){
$function_var= $var;
return $function_var;

and i have a controller in the controller folder as Sub_Controlller

class Sub_Controller extends MY_Controller{
public function __construct() {

public function Show(){

on the view i have

echo anchor('Sub_Controller/Show/Parameter','Pass a parameter');

according to my understanding i was spouse to get the word "parameter" on the screen. can any help?

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Did you try this:
public function Show($param){

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