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calculate league table

Hi, i need to generate a league table for 1 season with these columns: position, points, name, wins, wins_ot, loses, loses_ot, goals scored, goals conceded. Rows are sorted by: 1. points 2. goals scored . In this league cannot be draw, overtime is needed. My tables looks like this:

- match_id
- hometeam_id
- awayteam_id
- location
- season_id

- season_id
- name
- key

- result_id
- match_id
- hometeam_id
- awayteam_id
- hometeam_goals
- awayteam_goals
- overtime

I dont know how will look select and view. Can anybody help me please? Thanks much. I can pay some small amount on paypal/skrill after good advices/help.

See the codeigniter users guide database Active Record

First of all, I think you have too many tables. What is the benefit of storing match data and result data in separate tables? Every match will have a result, so you could store hometeam_goals, awayteam_goals and overtime in the matches table.

This will make for simpler queries to create your league table.

I may be wrong though, I haven't spent long thinking about this! :-)

You are right! Now i have only 2 tables (matches and seasons) but "the query" is too hard for me, icant get it work

OK, just take your time and build it up slowly. Are you able to use phpMyAdmin?

I can't write the query for you (haven't got time) but just think about how to achieve each part of the result one step at a time.

Example - how do you calculate the points? Is there a formula for this?

[eluser]Tim Brownlaw[/eluser]
@mirag3 - are you still stuck on this...

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