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email taking long to arrive

Ive created an email script like this..
$this->email->from("[email protected]", "Sample");

$this->email->subject('Forgot password');

but the email takes so long to arrive.. is there anyway to make it fast!? ;-)

I think the problem is with the mail server not with CI. try to send a mail using the php native function mail to see if it takes that long too to receive your mail.

email is not an instant transport mechanism like most people think
particularly these days with the need to check for spam etc
some many people think it is instantaneous like instant messaging
however if you think about it email is like the post and instant messaging is like telephones
with instant messaging you can only contact someone if they are online but if they are they get the message instantly, like calling them on the phone
with email however the message has to be sent to the person via a post office, which is like your mail server
the post office is always there but it take a little time for the message to be sent from one post office to the other

so in the case of email it is not instantaneous because either the sending or the receiving mail server can decide to queue the message for any of the following reasons.
- to check it for spam
- because the server is overloaded and needs to pause for a bit
- because it cannot contact the other server for some reason
any of these reasons (and a few others) can delay the sending or receiving of the message. This delay can be anything from a few seconds to a few minutes to in worst cases a few days.
and of course just like the real post office if the message is incorrectly addressed it may never get to where it is going

So if an email does not arrive instantly look to the servers first, but you may not be able to do anything about it because email was never designed to be an instant transport mechanisms. it was designed so that any 1 of the 4 parties involved (the sender, there senders mail server, the receiving mail server, the recipient) can actually be offline for a couple of days without loosing the message. This is a legacy of 20 years ago when early networks were not always kept connected all the time

Tnx.. atleast now things seems to be clear.. hehehe

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