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Modular Extensions - (HMVC) - Version 3.1.9

I believe there is an error with version 4.09

in class Loader

$this->_path = get_class($module);

should be

$this->_path = strtolower(get_class($module));

After upgrading I was getting the error: could not load view and the path uses the module name capitalized.

I don't have that problem and I name my module in all lowercase. Can you please note this in the 4 thread? link is below:


Ok. I continue this on the version 4 thread.

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
[quote author="yingyes" date="1204798733"]firstly your module.php can be inside app/modules/module/controller/ or app/modules/module just make sure that your module is name same as the directory it's in[/quote]

not should that.

because. each folder module have only a module file.

ME searchs for modules in the modules/module directory so module.php can be located inside modules/module/module.php or modules/module/controllers/module.php

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
but problem

modules/module/controllers/not_name_module.php ==> modules:run() OK

in module not_name_module.php not load view in modules/module/views/

i want have modules (s) in modules/module/. in each a module load view in modules/module/views.

v.409 require module file name = module folder name.

I don't quite understand what you mean, sorry. Can you be more specific?

I understand his problem, he can run a module with a different name from its directory, but it cant find its views.

The reason is the that the module's own class name is used to find its views, if you do this your way you must specify where the views are located.
At least I think that's his problem Tongue

Plus I have a fix for this in Version 4.0.10

oh, ok. didn't know that. 4.0.9 doesn't do this?

[eluser]Le Bang[/eluser]
sorry. I speak english very bad.



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