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Multiple projects with the same application folder.

Greetings, guys...

I've this situation:

I'm creating a system where will run multiple projects using the same application folder. Something like this:

project1 ==> newApplicationFolder

project2 ==> newApplicationFolder

projectN ==> newApplicationFolder

I need use this way, cause the projectN folders will have just the index and some configurations, like the sqlite database. And, that is the point: the projects folders will be named by the user, so, i've not a static folder to indicate in the database.php. Any idea to how I could to do?

It's possible extends the config file, or create a personalized config file inside the projectN folder?

Thanks, guys.

trying to understand this -- why exactly do you need separate folders? if this is under one domain then it seems like you would have users, and then those users have access to their own files etc. so basically you could have separate assets folders for each user -- and those different assets folders are on the server but not in the application folder -- to hold their stuff.

and then everything else in terms of what they have access to is done by logging in to your application. also i have not played around with it but codeigniter 3 allows you to have view files outside the application folder.

It's a especification from the project.

I'll try explain better:

I'll call the system that generate the others like DadSys, and the other SonSys, ok?

Runing the DadSys, the user will configure some options, like the database, the name, the interfaces, blablabla, to his own sonSys. This one will be in a folder called :myOwnSonsys (for example), and will receive this configurations files. Another user, Bob, will run the DadSys and will create his own MyOwnSonSysCalledBob.

I though, to make it easy to run, keep the same CI structure to all SonSys, changing, of course, the informations personalized. The Classes that each SonSys will use is not the problem, but the database is.

I'm trying get a solve working with a custom MY_Loader class into the application/core, but i don't know why, it's not initializing.

Is it a bit more clear?

Hey guys... just reporting...
I solved the initializing to my custom Loader, calling the default load then call my method.... It's freak....


Creepy.... :p

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