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Cache problem

(This post was last modified: 12-24-2015, 07:24 AM by scion.)

Hi there!

I write app that get data from SOAP webservice - list of properties something like that

     .... < 15 fields

Unfortunately, there is no parameters in request to webservice for pagination like offset or something. Just parameters for search

for example, id or name, or property type and so on.

So I am always get all list of properties and do pagination from an array of properties.

And now I am thinking of some sort caching cause for different pages I have the same array of properties.

Currently I get list and write all array in cache  APP/cache folder, and then use it for pagination.

But is this is the best approach? Cause I think that property search will be have so many variations and I need all them write to

cache! How are u think, maybe create some sort of self destructive caching for a while or clean up cache folder with cron once or

more per day?

Any suggestions will be appreciated, many thanks guys

Any advices?

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