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Debug Toolbar

Since I managed to get a little free time this morning, I implemented a very basic database tab for the toolbar. Screenshots attached. The times shown here should in no way be considered indicative of real-world performance, since everything is in extremely early development and the database layer I'm using is nowhere near complete.

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Just wanted to add that I think this would be a fabulous tool!

Also, that I have no idea how you are doing it, but look forward to learning how you did it if a download becomes available.

Great idea though. It would be very useful because I often wonder (although have never really checked) if I put too much load on my server/database on certain pages. (You know, those ones where suddenly your model/library design breaks down and you end up loading virtually all the models and libraries just to achieve some complex function or other).

Best wishes,


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great idea, the debug bar

the one from cake is nice

it starts like this
[Image: cakedebug1.jpg]

first click
[Image: cakedebug2.jpg]

details click
[Image: cakedebug3.jpg]

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