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Apache Segmentation Fault - where do I troubleshoot?


First off. Excellent framework/contribution to the community. Like many others have said, I don't think I will ever code a PHP app from scratch again.

I have been developing a ci app on my local server (apache2/php5 mac osx 10.4.9) for some time. I have uploaded it to my remote dev server, and made all the appropriate edits to the config files, and what happens is the browser works for about 30 seconds and then dies ... which in apache's log is a segfault:

[notice] child pid 24576 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I have recompiled apache (1.3x) and php (4.4.3) on that server to no avail. I should say that I have a couple ci apps on that server that run like a charm.

Using die('here') code to determine where it goes astray, it's somewhere between the first controller directive for index and the actual view. SO, it's making it to:


but not to the actual index_page.php in my view directory.

Anyone have any ideas?

You can try to debug using gdb:


maybe the dump shows in which module apache dies.

Fixed. Apparently I needed php5 for this app. I don't know what I was using that needed it. Once I upgraded to 5.2.5 it worked great!

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