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Integrating UIkit with codeigniter

Good morning

I am new to codeigniter and MVC in general(I am Front-end developer) but I grasp the concept and it seems pretty simple.
I would like to use uikit with codeigniter could someone please direct me how to integrate one with the other, I would really appreciate it.

I've tried copy and pasting the link to a .js file but it gives me a 403 which is 'access forbidden' I have to mention that I am using a local web server(xampp) I also have to mention that I used welcome_message.php(as a test) to add my scripts and stylesheets(only for testing purposes)  To style something through Uikit's classes, but the styling has no effect, I've tried googling this as well but still no effect. I am using CI 3.x and I have not changed anything from the default codeigniter post extraction and installation.

How do I add stylesheets and scripts globally so that I have to define this only once?

Thank You

Kind Regards

Ryno Labuschagne

Newbie mistake maybe I should've built on the framework and not try to modify it haha, 'I thought by myself, if I have to integrate bootstrappers into codeigniter then it will take me a while every time I want to use something else for different project, maybe I should integrate uikit into my web app.'

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For one break up the welcome_message file into header, content and footer views.

CodeIgniter developers usually create an assets directory in the route with the index.php file
place sub-directories under it cs images img js etc;

Then when you need to load them load the url_helper and use this in your header and footer views

PHP Code:
<?php echo base_url('assets/css/filename.css'); ?>

I created an assets_helper and autoload it in CI's auloadload.php


PHP Code:
 * Helper asset ()
 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * @access    public
 * @param    string
 * @return    string
if ( ! function_exists('asset'))
$_ci get_instance();

Hope this helps.
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The uikit I have never seen before but is is just some js and css components, so it is not really a case of 'integrating', just simply linking to the resources and using in your view files.

Your page outputs would be something like

PHP Code:

With your header file containing links to the required css files, your footer with the required js files.

Best wishes,


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