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[split] User guide doesn't display properly at narrow resolution

(06-18-2016, 10:23 PM)ciadmin Wrote:
(06-18-2016, 05:31 PM)John_Betong Wrote: @ciadmin,
That is a very outdated version of the user guide, by the look of it.
We are working to make the latest version more accessible.
Your vague problem description is not at all helpful, and is not likely to lead to any change.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of detail in my previous post which was tediously, tapped on a tablet.

I have just installed the latest VI 4.0-Dev version and the User Guide display problem still exists for an iPad Mini 2

To demonstrate the problem load the two following User Guides and shrink the browser width to less than 768px or until the "Hamburger" appears.

CI 3.06: - displays correctly

CI 4.0-Dev: only uses half the web-page

Screen dump showing problem:
[Image: Screenshot-from-2016-06-19-16-21-30.png]

(06-19-2016, 02:35 AM)John_Betong Wrote: CI 3.06: - displays correctly

It is NOT 3.06, stop calling it that; it means a different thing.
It is 3.0.6 - three numbers, two dot separators.

Your problem makes sense now. I can't reproduce it on my system though ... the user guide displays properly at all window widths using Firefox 45.1.1 on Centos6. This could be an issue with your platform or the browser you are using.

Some of the other devs use Mac, and might be able to reproduce it. You might, however, have to wait until the first version is "released" before the problem gets looked at in depth.

With the links provided by John the issue was apparent on Chrome too.

However, I am sure it is just a wayward media query not applying properly. It is also on my most recent firefox install too, however I am only commenting on the links provided, not having downloaded CI4 for myself yet. I am pretty sure it will be a minor thing to fix.

BTW Couldn't resist reading some of the docs for CI4, whatever their Alpha status is. Really looking forward to CI4 :-)

Best wishes,


Issue confirmed on Mac - Safari and Firefox browsers.
Issue confirmed on Android Mobile - Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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