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Single page application: What do you think about Aurelia?


I watched the video and I got the impression that this front-end framework gives an easy start. Has somebody played with it? Would it be a good choice?

First I've heard of it. Looks promising, what's the community like? My current favourite framework of this nature is Ember/Cordova although I know a lot of devs who rave about Angular. If you're looking for something similar (minus two-way data binding) built on CI check out my addon Cinder. Feedback is welcome Smile

I have done a bit of work professionally with EmberJS and I found it didnt work at scale.

While it was exceptional at small projects, once you got to a certain size all the Ember 'magic conventions' made it very difficult to determine what was actually effecting what.

I have worked with a large Angular app, and found it to be easier at scale as things were explicitly defined at the top of the file.

Of course, your results may vary.

As far as a single page application is concerned I use AmpProject.org because it is used by many large organisations for displaying news items. Read their blog for further information.

I converted a CI3 pagination page to display many thumbnails on a single page. The trailing parameter is the number of thumbnails to render. Scrolling down the page shows blank thumbnails which are filled quickly rather than loading all before page rendering.


Once Ember's PouchDB adapter fully supports Ember Data it's probably the best/most modern architecture you can build upon that is standards compliant. It's not quite there yet, but when it is I'll drop PHP in a heartbeat. Offline first is the future of IOT.

Angular has its benefits but personally I don't like their custom implementations; it reeks of MS's bastardization of standards for no good reason (personal opinion).

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