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Message Lib instead of Mail only ?

(This post was last modified: 10-06-2016, 02:17 AM by sv3tli0.)

I understand your point.
Its just that I am not quite sure that if such Message service is added, that it will be correct to have it at the same time with Email lib.

The combination will look as Mysqli and PDO(mysql) ..
Almost pointless to have them both but they are ok one with other..
And I agree that perhaps the Mail lib is too big and important feature to put just as adapter to some kind of service.
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@sv3tli0 I like the idea you've brought up in theory. I think it does add an additional layer of complexity to the mailer classes. And, I'm 1/2 way through building out the mailer stuff currently. Wink

While I think that the types of notifications you're talking about probably require a different form of processing than you're talking about, it is possible that the system I'm building could be used with those types of messaging systems. The new mailer will be "driver" based so should be easy to extend. If that looks to be a bad solution, we can always create a Notifications system to handle those.

However, any of these additional features would need to wait until 4.1, if we ever want to have 4.0 see the light of day. Smile

Thanks for the idea, though!

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