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Which browser do you guys recommend?

Indeed I too vote for Chrome. Using it is a fantastic experience with the endless list of extensions and its dev tools. However, one point which I don't like about it is the high RAM usage if continuously used for hours.
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For me it is a toss up between Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome for development and of course internet explorer and all the others for testing cross browser compatibility.

Personally, I like vivaldi for light web browsing but for dev it has to be chrome and inspect element etc.
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Hi there Blush ,
I also run Chrome. What about using Opera?

Google Chrome and Opera for me. Then comes Firefox.

I'm a die hard Chrome fan, though the memory usage has been terrible lately. Firefox has made some improvements but it still doesn't cut it. If only Chrome would try and figure out the memory usage issues, it would be the best browser.
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(04-15-2018, 02:03 PM)Tom_12 Wrote: I use Chrome, Firefox and Opera Neon. Did you try this one https://www.opera.com/computer/neon ? If so, what you guys think about it? I personallny thought it will be a bit better but I like it still.

Will check out, I haven't seen Opera around for years until recently. I always get surprised when I see a client's analytics showing Opera traffic... Sometimes it's more than internet explorer.

Personally I'm Firefox all the way, especially since Quantum. Chrome is a hungry beast.
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Hi there!

I prefer to use Chrome because it has a rich library of apps in the Google store and high security. Besides, Chrome is really fast and has cross-platform support.

When you're a developer, you can't really stick to one browser. The testing tools aren't all... so at the same time, you have got the opportunity to test web pages and browsers at the same time.
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I like Firefox - because of how the bookmarks are organized, but more users tend to use Chrome. If you can afford it....you'll need some kind of Apple device - because Safari is like the new Internet Explorer and you need their devices to test what you made.
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