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Which browser do you guys recommend?

I like Firefox - because of how the bookmarks are organized, but more users tend to use Chrome. If you can afford it....you'll need some kind of Apple device - because Safari is like the new Internet Explorer and you need their devices to test what you made.
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(03-12-2019, 12:51 AM)Leo Wrote: you'll need some kind of Apple device - because Safari is like the new Internet Explorer

What do you mean by that? I use Safari almost exclusively on my mac and there’s a lot of cool features not available in any other major browsers and I rarely have any problems viewing any sites. At work, on my Windows PC I use Chrome and IE but I don’t know why I would use Chrome on my mac.
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No doubt I always recommend Firefox. We can customize Firefox in many ways and it has user-friendly UI design too. Chrome is the which I recommend followed by Firefox.
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I have Firefox, Chrome and IE installed for testing but I use Chrome the most.
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I would recommend Brave. It's based on Chrome but more secure and has an inbuilt ad blocker
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I use Chrome for testing the apps!


google chrome is my recommend browser.

All the major browsers are good for something now. A few do have features that are specific to a few browsers. For instance, I’m trying out the new Opera GX that is aimed at Windows gamers. I have a Dell Alienware 13r that is terrific with high end Minecraft. I had been using first Chrome as the Chromebook is my main squeeze. Then shifted to the web trash data-denying Echo, like Brave.

Now I’m delighted with only a few days use with this new Opera GX. Great for both internet and games. Many gaming added features. Beautiful dark screen with black and my favorite red.

I use Google’s web apps and storage accessible web sites for all platforms. So I wish Chrome could be my default browser with Windows/Mac/ Chromebook. But cruel Mac or Google notified me to stop using Chrome browser with a Mac. I’ve never figured that out but didn’t defy them just changed back to Mac Safari. Opera GX supports Mac so I’m thinking of putting it on my Mac for “trials”.

Right now —Chrome browser or the New gaming Browser Opera GX.

I strongly recommend not using Google Chrome for privacy reasons. Mozilla Firefox is relatively better. I switched from Google Chrome to Firefox a year ago.

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