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& get_instance() vs $this

When should we use $this and when & get_instance()?I have a library file .The code is
class Test {

public function testf()
    echo 1;
Now I load the library in my controller function

Now in my view if we write $this->test->testf();.We get result 1;
Now the fact is I load the library in view file.Then it give error Undefined property: CI_Loader.
if we create an instance in view then its woking properly.like 
$ci=& get_instance();
then it gives result 1;
My question is where to use $this and where to & get_instance();

When you use =&get_instance() you pass object by reference. Thats mean you don't create a new object, you only operate on existing object.
You MUST use get_instance() if u want model object or library object in for example another library. In controller you extend CI_controller, in __construct() it use get_instance() so you have access to created instances of model, libraries or something else.


Refers to the current class. Only used in classes that are instantiated, meaning not in static classes. Static classes use "self".

$CI =& get_instance();

$CI is the CodeIgniter super object. All classes loaded though the CI Loader end up being usable through the super object. The super object is more or less a "service locator".

Special Note:

It happens that when in a controller or model, the controller or model has access to the CodeIgniter super object through $this. It may seem confusing, but that's why your controllers extend CI_Controller, and your models extend CI_Model.

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