How long have you been using PHP?

Hmmm sometime in 2000 I think - damn that makes me feel old...

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
1999 - I got to experience PHP3 for awhile before the release of v4 in 2000.

Best guess..... 99 or 00 ish.

[eluser]Jay Turley[/eluser]
I used it back in 1999 for a very small website and haven't touched it until about two months ago. Spent the intervening time using C, PERL, C++, Java, C#, VBScript, CF. I'm really enjoying it now that it is much more OO.

2006. Coming from a C background, PHP wasn't too difficult to learn... But hard to master! Tongue

For about 3-4 years. Mostly self taught by making different scripts whether or not I would use them.

Thru my word i needed to know something about databases on linux based systems,
So it was easy to getting started with MySQL.

Back in the days .. mids 2000 i bought MySQL, by Paul Dubois
It has a few examples by different languages like C, Perl, PHP etc..
Somehow i got intrested into the php part of the book and before i knew it, i've written my own little address book :-)

97 or so, if I recall correctly.

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
I started to install some PHP scripts and modify what I can in them near 2001, then real have interest for the code side in 2002 (started with HTML, then later CSS) and in 2003 I decided to really learn PHP and I never stopped from this time. To finish the little story, I've moved to OOP in 2005 and in April 2006 found CI that opened my eyes and mind to MVC (and real have changed forever my way of coding PHP !)

I started with it somewhere between PHP 3 and PHP 4.

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