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Code Igniter is the best app to learn about websites

(11-03-2017, 08:23 AM)mushigen Wrote: I just learn about how to use CodeIgniter, and it brings lots of fun while designing and programming lots of stuff there~

Absolutely, CI more good to learn and developed a beautiful website. I really recommended this one.

Absolutely, CI is easy to learn, fast and lightweight. I use CI3 from 3 year ago and now with CI4 i really love it, check out this website https://truyenconect.com/ it build on CI3 and i'm updating it to Ci4 http://new.truyenconect.com/ the speed is better than ever

CodeIgniter is awesome framework to create website, to create layout and views is too easy as compared to other framework:


I started to learn CI4 during lockdown and WFH. It is fun and enjoyable.

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework with an easy learning curve that uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It offers exceptionally[b] vast libraries[/b] to connect the various database operations of PHP. Other services such as Zip encoding class, flexible URI Routing, data encryption, session management, and testing, make CodeIgniter an ideal choice for a software development project.

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Now-a-days it's easy for someone to learn a lot of things online. Because online made it easier and now we can easily teach ourselves. People who wants to learn coding there are different types of website available both for free and paid. Besides, YouTube keeps an important role for learning a new things not only coding. I also learned how to create a single website watching YouTube videos. Honestly, this has helped me a lot. As a starter I am going to try this one and want to laucnh my first website with the help of site creator and saved their contact information https://sitecreator.io/#Contact-us for further reference. Let see what happen next.

It is really easy to learn and using this this framework is something that really convinced the php community to go with the mvc flow, something that zend and cake really failed to do.


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Why choose the CodeIgniter web framework?

The application development framework known as CodeIgniter incorporates PHP to create websites. It is of an open-source framework with a diverse set of features which will speed up the website.
Here are some explanations for your perspective that using CodeIgniter is worthwhile.
  • Low memory usage
  • Ongoing development & Bugs/Features support on Github
  • Complete Documentation
  • Free and Very fast
  • MVC Structure base

If you are planning to build your website from scratch, CodeIgniter will help you save a tonne of time. If you are proficient with PHP, CodeIgniter will simplify the task. It includes a wide range of libraries and aids. The website created using CodeIgniter is secure and equipped with the tools necessary to withstand online attacks.

I highly recommend Codeigniter with the ease of the tutorial on Codeigniter which is very broad and easy to learn. Codeigniter is the best choice that can build almost any type of web application using the Codeigniter framework.

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