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"I decided to try CI because I was having difficulty with the highly rated Laravel. There, I found it is just getting into so much detail that it is really no longer a light-weight framework, but a good framework that comes with a steep learning curve.

At this stage of the game, CI fits my needs in being able to pass on what I learn to people beside me. If it gets too hard for me to understand what is going on, well, maybe our people will be spending half their time in school (good for BCIT) and the rest of their time actually doing something productive. "

No one said it is easy. It would be easy.
It is not.
It is actually hard.
PHP is actually hard.
Programming is actually hard.

I don't like what you are saying here. In some way it is insulting me and making me mad.
Like oh, it is hard, I tried something but left, cuz CI is easier, but maybe still to hard, so gonna quit it too... and maybe...

Ugh, just fight. Try to learn, Study! It's not an easy thing.

Behind every powerful programmer is hard work, hours and hours and pain that comes from problems and many attempts to understand many things before getting fully understanding.

"I was having difficulty"? You think I haven't ? I had a lot, a lot, a lot!!!

Don't give up.

You are here. In this forum. About CodeIgniter. Which is a PHP's "framework". It is not easy!

You wanna learn things? You gotta prepare for FIGHT! Because it won't be childish play.

Don't run from problems, difficulty, hardness. Face them. Crush them. Demolish!

Learn, Study, Get Stronger!

And one day you will be this "wonderful programmer" that understands things Smile.

Thanks for the words Krystian. Actually, I am just getting back into coding after being gone for almost 25 years or more (Dbase and Foxpro). Yup, been there done that. Most of my problems with CI I now find are because I was working with a CI ver 2 set of codes. Plus, I did not REALLY read the VERY FIRST page of the tutorial, even if I did read it maybe four times. Now that I know a bit more (not much, but a BIT more) I see one can call a function to initialize the code. I am way too used to straight html and program files. Anyway, updated the old code after chasing down the errors, and now have joy.

Now, all that said, practice might make perfect, but I been trying to teach myself fingerpick guitar for decades. How come I ain't lurnin nuthin? Smile

Lol, I have been trying to perfect my shredding for years too, still can't get those Steve Vai shreds down :-)

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