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Will CI4 include JQuery?

I'm not bothered either way if it does or not.

My guess is that it shouldnt. i.e. if you need JQuery for a project - then just add it yourself.

I use jQuery, probably many of the CI developer use it too. But at the moment bundling it with CodeIgniter seems to me impractical:

1. Which jQuery, which version, 1.x, 2.x, 3.x? This depends on the specified browsers to be supported.

2. jQuery may also need its extension for backward compatibility, if your code still uses obsolete jQuery API calls. This is another decision that only the end-developer could make.

3. How jQuery to be provided: by just placing it within a directory, or by using a package manager, or relying on a CDN? It is hard or maybe impossible making such a decision for all at a central point. I know that Symfony has done kind of integration of Webpack, but still its practical value is to be seen.

4. Bundling jQuery will bring many questions about using it in CodeIgniter's forum, that would be an additional burden. Let the developers focus doing their best on CodeIgniter only.

I completely agree with @ivantcholakov

Let the dev make the decisions regarding JQuery.

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jQuery is JS library (FRONTEND) .
CodeIgniter is PHP framework (BACKEND).

There is absolutely no reason why CI should come with such type 3rd party lib's for front end development.

Those days Front and Back end development is so separate so such "feature" could be bigger issue if exists than if it doesn't exists at all inside CI.
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No front-end assumptions will be made with CI4.

(12-11-2017, 07:19 AM)kilishan Wrote: No front-end assumptions will be made with CI4.

Thanks for the clarification! Cheers!

It is better if we can build a separate library or module or asset pack or something that includes all these essential things for developing a complete project. And something that is enable/disable or additional install-able into the project.
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Don't laugh, but I was wondering if CI4 would be including Laravel ?? Big Grin

I took a brief look at Webpack Encore https://github.com/symfony/webpack-encore , it is a bunch of JavaScripts, as far as I can see, this project is not Symfony-dependent. There is a claim that it can be used by other projects. It seems a good job has been done already, but I have no time to test it this year. Smile

webpack is a very good idea. Every CI developer uses a set of frontend libraries. If we get all on one place then it will be a good idea.
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