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? Complete Newb Guide ?

I am completely new to the CodeIgniter community and am very excited to get started using it. Except I have never used a framework for PHP before. Everyone has had their start coding pages sloppily and I love the idea of an MVC.

The userguide here is a really great tool. I can tell already I am going to refer to that thing about a bazillion times. The video tutorial is amazing.

But my question is, are there other resources out there for people wanting to learn to use this framework. I'm having a hard time finding a good starting point. And maybe this discussion could lead to like a FAQ sticky or something for other newbs that follow me into the light. But right now it's blinding me! Tongue

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
There are some other good video tutorials worth checking out. I can recall watching Derek and Elliot when I started. The best way to learn is to just go ahead and pick up a small project. If you're not sure how to structure your application, have a look at some of the open source projects, such as Bamboo.

If you're having trouble with a specific feature or concept, you're best bet is to ask. I'm pretty sure you'll find someone who can help. Give it a week or two and you'll absolutely love it.

There's also this book from Packt Publishing:


Not a bad read.

[eluser]Jimmi Newbie[/eluser]
haii my name's jimmi. I am newbie in CI.
I want ask to senior CI ^_^. Em... in php coding usually I use this.

echo "<a href='?action=input'>Input Form</a>";

if (!empty($action))
   echo "Input OK";

how if in CI..??

thank you

I would say the best way to get started is to have a go at something small. Don't take on a big task like a full control panel just a little form to display/add/edit/delete database tables values. Practice makes perfect. The videos are also very good.

@Jimmi Newbie : I would first of all suggest making new posts if you have a problem, its more likely someone will see it and answer it, also it doesn't then start to take over the topic of someone else's topic.

But to do with your problem. What are you trying to do exactly? I take it your talking about passing values from one page to the next and reading there value off. If so, CodeIgniter can do it how you have said but it uses uri segments instead. Below is how you would do what you are asking in CI.

class Test extends Controller
  function Test(){

  function index($action = NULL)
    print anchor('Test/index/input','Input Form');

    if( ! is_null($action))
      print "Input OK";

Basically the code above is a bit like you have created, but it uses a controller to represent the page. I would explain more but I think it would be best to go and first read the following pages,

CodeIgniter URL's
CodeIgniter Controllers
URL Helper

They explain to you how codeigniter urls are setup, also what a controller is and also about a useful function I used anchor.

Good luck

[eluser]Jimmi Newbie[/eluser]
thank you adamp1 (Senior Member) :-)

I hope u can help me again, when I have question ^_^.

Thank you very much

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