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Please Help me to Set & Display Property Value From Library Between Two Pages

Hello, i am first to try create own library and i get some problem to display values from property between to pages.
[The Problem]
1. Imagine I have a simple library that functions only for set and get property.
2. This library will later be called in the controller.
3. In this controller consists of two pages page, the first is main page (index() function) and display page (display() function)
4. Now this problem starts here, I will load the library that I explained in point 1 in the initController() function. in the index() function I give the task to set the property value in my library and then I will redirect it to the display page (display() function). On display page (display() function) I want to display the value that I have set on the index () page. is this possible?
for the details look the picture below ^_^

[MyLibrary + Services]
[Image: Iovs5Tf3RvyjVBk32DQ_ZQ.png]

[Image: kkBDFwpdRL6s8u9BOe4O9A.png]

It's possible to set and display property value on separate function? Thanks ^_^

I try to combine using session on my libraries.. thanks codeigniter ^_^

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