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BackendPro 0.6.1

I have tried to explain everything like its features, but as you said maybe some examples are needed. What I would say is have you read the parts of the user guide on Public and Admin Controllers? And also the section Restricting Access to a Controller/Method in the Access Control part of the user guide.

Basically with those two parts you can setup controllers and control user access to them.

I know my user guide is probably lacking at the moment I tried to explain everything but its maybe too technical at the moment.

Also, it would be nice to have the option of db session storage, i presume i could just drop in another session library (that is a drop in replacement for ci's current session lib) and it would work fine with backendpro?

Yes it should do, since all my session parts just use there library. That is one thing I want to add in, since I don't like only a 4kb limit on the cookie size.

Adamp1, i didn't realise there was a userguide with it! I just thought it was the defualt CI guide.

I shall have a read of it and let you know how i get on.

[eluser]James Pax[/eluser]
buggery... I lost my post while writing it, and I can't delete the blank post...

oh well... in summary... Great work! Big Grin I'm happy that there is another Add-On Control Panel system,

and that it's also v0.2! So I guess there are more things planned for it.

I would like to see:

- The possibility to plug FreakAuth inside the Control Panel

- The possibility to expand it's features, building plug-and-play plugins easily without hacks and stuff

kudos, James

Why would you want FreakAuth for a control panel which already provides you with a full authentication system? yes currently lots planned for it, its 0.2 since 0.1 was a private release which only lasted about 2 days before I redesigned it all.

It is built on matchbox so modules can be easily plugged in.

I've just had a read through the user guide. It is easy enough to follow, technical doesn't scare me too much.

There is a fair bit to remember that is different to ci, and i'm not sure about this different syntax for queries. Is that just for the admin end or is that for front end too? Can i still use active record?

Other than that it looks good. I'll have a read up on matchbox and give it all a test.

I wouldn't say its different to CodeIgniter. There isn't a different Syntax to queries. There is a new base model library which I have provided, but if you don't want it you just don't use it.

The reason behind that was I was finding a lot of my model files had about 4 functions in which did exactly the same apart from on different tables. So instead of repeating the same get code over and over I just made a library to do it. Of course you can still use Active Record. I don't think I have overwritten anything which CI implements, my methods either extend them, or run along side. The only bits which are overwritten are within matchbox.

Do remember BackendPro provides you with tools to do things, you don't have to use them but they are there. For the control panel I use my methods provided (becasue I find them simpler and quicker to code with). But you don't need to use them for your front or backend.

After reading my previous post i can see that what i said could be construed as a criticism. It really wasn't! I think i just need to have a think about how i word my questions Smile

So essentially (for the front end) as long as i'm extending your controller class i'm good to go. Very nice. i like this a lot.

Yes just extend the Public Controller and that's it. And for a administration controller extend the Admin Controller and the page will instantly need authentication.

Its then up to you to create resources to guard your pages, for example if you log into the test system and create a permission to deny your user group access to the settings resource. You will see first the menu item disappears, and then if you try to access the page by typing in the url you will be disallowed.

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