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Pure security CodeIgniter 4 auth system sample script.

I m asking if we could get a sample CodeIgniter 4 project along with it containing the sample script for auth system (login-remember me-register) without using One-stop Auth package or any package , then it will be  great. thanks.
I looked at all github repositories and did not find.

What you want probably doesn't exist yet. There are a couple repos that you should know about.

Written by the guy who has done most of the coding behind CI v4. It is not yet completely ready, but it might be by the time CI v4 releases, or shortly thereafter. It was designed with strong security in mind.

Ion_auth for CI4
ion_auth hasn't been updated in many months and CI v4 is currently changing every day. So, it would probably be frustrating trying to use it. But there is bound to be a lot to learn by studying the code. All the ideas you're looking for are there.

I second Myth:Auth, it's fully usable (with the caveat that it isn't "production-ready") and built from the ground up for CI4. it's also a great place to get familiar with module writing for CI4, especially since it is by CodeIgniter's own Lonnie. Smile

Most of my client projects implementing it are not open sourced but if you want an example of it integrated check out this repo (abandoned, but only a couple weeks ago):


A few things to pay attention to...

* The module installed from develop branch via Composer: https://github.com/tattersoftware/sefer/...poser.json

* Config file that extends the module version, overwriting values I want changed: https://github.com/tattersoftware/sefer/...g/Auth.php

* The login filter used globally to require all traffic to be authenticated (probably won't usually want to do it this way): https://github.com/tattersoftware/sefer/...ilters.php

* A view layout (set by config/Auth.php) so the Auth views match the UI of the rest of the site: https://github.com/tattersoftware/sefer/...ws/layouts

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