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CodeIgniter 4.0 is here!

Wow, finally it's here! I've been almost 2 years using dev-version of CodeIgniter 4 for my ambitious project and now the final version released just a few months before I release my project too! Well, the development of the framework is hand in hand with my current project. I feel like growing with this framework. Thanks to Jim Parry, Lonnie, and all of contributors!

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I don't think I have ever eagerly awaited for a piece of software before, yet alone a framework. Certainly, not for five years!
Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. My deepest sympathies to the Parry family. I feel that I've lost people who were dear to me this year (though I've never met them) from Dr. Parry to Kobe Bryant, and others. But yay to progress, and a solid "foundation" as Lonnie mentioned!

Thank you very much from thailand.


The link to Download is broken.

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You can use this instead.


Learning CI4 from my works, from errors and how to fix bugs in the community

Love CI & Thanks CI Teams


Hello to the CI Team and Community,

I have been a major user of CI back from CI 2.X to CI 3.X
all my old and new projects are written on CI until now.
the easiest upgrades i had/have encountered without breaking you app.

i have seen the development of CI4 from alpha,beta to RC but this is really the first time i will be using it.
I cannot imagine the effort and dedication poured into this project to make a successful release.

Thank you very much

I prefer the latest Github version:


and also to have Git installed and clone the following:

git clone https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4.git

Let us commemorate this moment while remembering and grateful for everything done by CodeIgniter community throughout these years.

Happy Belated Birthday, James.

It is very hard to understand the upgrading documentation anyone know how to do upgrade from CI3 to CI4 How to upgrade CI3 to CI4

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