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Rulesets for automatic coding style application

Hi everyone,

im pretty new to CI but already started loving the simplicity Smile

As I really like the coding standards implemented and have never before really paid attention to coding style in my projects, I want to adapt the rules for my application too. Currently, I'm using NetBeand 11.3 and I figured that implementing all the rules one by one in the setting is a real pain in the ***.

Therefore, I looked around for existing rulesets for e.g. PHP-CS-FIXER or PHP_CodeSniffer. I found a very old implementation of php_cs in an old CI4 commit here, but this file seems to have been dumped some time between then and now:


Also, I found an old repo by Lonnie which implements the styles for CodeSniffer which was last updated in February:


So here goes the question:
Is the coding standard implementation in the coding-standard repo usable and reliablie (as it says "work in progress")?

Thanks for any hints!

Hi, the one that are being used in CodeIgniter 4 are the separate project; https://github.com/codeigniter4/coding-standard
That coding-standard are being run in our pre-commit script; https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgni...commit#L32

Perfect, thank you for the clarification.
I didn't think to look into the scripts ...

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