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Make debugging bar Turbolinks friendly

(This post was last modified: 07-26-2020, 01:33 PM by ivantcholakov.)

Recently I tried CI4 with Turbolinks 5: https://github.com/turbolinks/turbolinks

Showing pages gets fast with very minimal efforts about adjustment some JavaScripts. It is because scripts, css, and fonts load only at the first showed page. Unfortunately, in the debugging environment the Kint (the debugging bar) crashes (javascript errors), so I had to turn it off.

Is it possible Kint to be tested and "tuned" for this scenario too, it is really worthwhile. I can't do this alone.

P.S. I've left a request to them too. https://github.com/kint-php/kint/issues/340

Edit2: It is not a problem of Kint, the debug bar is the target.

Edit3: Somehow I removed the JavaScript errors, but with Turbolinks the debug bar shows actual data only when the page is refreshed. At least this is something, for full support I suppose more refactoring is needed.

(This post was last modified: 12-21-2022, 08:50 AM by arbi.)

Hi i have same problem with turbolinks
please what is the solution ?

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