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How did CodeIgniter run out of steam?

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In the late 2000s when Symfony was the go-to for PHP frameworks, this brand new framework called CodeIgniter tried to shake things up in the ecosystem and I thought it would be the hot new s***. It was picking up some and I really liked it how things were done. It was what got me into MVC architecture. And then there's the ExpressionEngine which was built on top of it.
Now I'm surprised to see Symfony still going strong and CodeIgniter has been mostly phased out, only to be maintained for older projects. What happened with it? Why didn't it have longer lasting power? And how do you predict when a newer framework will run out of steam quicker than the older framework it tried to overtake?


I actually disagree with you when you say Codeigniter has been mostly phased out. Codeigniter did go through a rough patch but it still stayed true to it's principles of lightweight and fast. It's still being widely used and it still is in the conversation of top PHP frameworks (https://kinsta.com/blog/php-frameworks/ ). It just released a 4.x version utilizing current PHP PSRs and there is no telling what the future still holds.

Sure? How long you been following CodeIgniter development? It has been on version 4.0.4, it has everything you need to build a modern web application. I am using CodeIgniter (v3 and now v4) with modern JS framework Vue.js and it works very well. I have built a modern SPA with CodeIgniter 3 behind it and now I am developing semi-modern web app with heavy ajax request and using modular directory structure. CodeIgniter4 has also supports PHP 7.4 while the minimum version on 4.1 would be PHP 7.3 (from 7.2). CodeIgniter stays small, simple but also powerful comparing to other frameworks. Compared to Laravel that has complete features from A to Z, CodeIgniter lets you build your app with minimum resource but you can still extend CodeIgniter to have more features. It means you can keep your app in maximum performance, that's why CI still become a good choice for developer.

This topic has given me a lot of info that I will well. Thank you very much for your effort, and I hope you stick to continue doing this.

CodIgniter has always kept its promise to be a fast mean and lean developers framework. What happened was that it was
not up to date with the current php versions for security etc; Ellis labs figured it was to must to fix because it needed a complete
re-write to get it up to date.

Well during that period a lot of the top community users moved on to other frameworks, some of us stay with CodeIgniter knowing
that it would be fixed sooner or later. Well Ellis Labs finally decide to let CodeIgniter go and awarded it to The British Columbia Institute of Technology -
CodeIgniter Foundation.
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