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Choosing between CI3 and CI4 for custom CMS

this is my first thread, so if my question seems out of topic please inform me.

I'm a fullstack developer for a really small agency where fast delivery is more important than our product quality. In a 3 year span I've survived making over 50 projects (blogs, eshops, custom apps, etc) using my very slowly improving codebase like a cms on CI3. I'm certainly not proud of all of them but at least of my effort to keep quality on a bearable level.

Anyways, I plan to start having my own clients as a sidejob. I started creating my own cms with anything mandatory for blogs, eshops included and the abillity to be extended to any custom web app. That's on CI3. Should I use CI4 instead? It seems a big step since I have little to no time at all. My brain eats, sleeps and breaths CI3. My architecture may match CI4 better though:

I'm omiting CI3 Models and use what I call entities which are classes that turn db stuff into objects and extend each other. Eg
BaseEntity -> basic crud operations

Category -> extends BaseEntity 
CategoryItem -> extends BaseEntity 

PostCategory -> extends Category 
PostItem -> extends CategoryItem
which i place as Libraries

Most of my architecture includes this with very basic Controller operations, Views as in CI3, plenty of custom Configs, Session (but with flashdata). Are the above more familiar (or still manageable) to CI4?

Thank you


Plain and simple. I would recommend that you do CI4 because eventually CI3 will have a EOL (End Of Life) and CI4 is the future.

What CI3 can do CI4 can do much more better.
It your choice.

(02-21-2021, 04:06 AM)seunex Wrote: What CI3 can do CI4 can do much more better.
It your choice.

As I'm starting getting into it, my thoughts become more clear. CI4 seems to be a neat successor to CI3 but I'm not proficient and it will take some time for that. Trying to build in CI4 will result in something I don't put my best utilization of the framework in.

As an example, my first CI3 projects were messy as I was trying to get around with the framework. Now from my experience, I know each time what exactly will work best for me. It's like being driven by the framework at first and then learning to drive the it yourself.

Is that kind of feeling relevant? I'm thinking of building stuff for fun in CI4 that I don't care about before using it for real production.


If that makes you more comfortable then go for it. Your comfort level will increase the more you use it.

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