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[Update] Tarichi V.0.3 ready to download

//old post start Big Grin
Hi, this is my first post, I would like to tell you all that I just made something using CodeIgniter, but too many bugs founded by my friend, so, the demo isn't already yet.

You can visit here at www.tarichi.com, but the site is in Indonesian.

The backpanel is in English. If the demo is ready to up, I'll post here.


SourceForge Download
//end of old past


The V.0.3 now ready to download. Please go to my last post at this thread for detail Smile

[Update Again] Wink
My last post not relevant anymore Big Grin

Main site still http://www.tarichi.com

Demo site at http://demo.tarichi.com and for backpanel demo http://demo.tarichi.com/login username : admin and password : admin

nice, im going back here soon to check out your post..is this a social network thing ?

Hey, Version 0.2 has been released. There's a download area there.

That's nice work srobet. Wink

hi srobet, how are you ?
ok, i'll try to check your Tarichi..

Ok, thanks. Sorry for the language at Tarichi main site. But, the backpanel is in English. I think installation is the easiest way for all here.

Hi All, I've redesign my Tarichi, but I think, I'll be released it at 8-8-2008, so I called it triple eight.

These are the screenshoot.


Remember me to upload it at 8-8-2008

Tarichi changes are :
1. Backpanel Re-design.
2. Template Chooser is now working.
3. Multilanguage support for backpanel (cause I'm Indonesia, default Language is Indonesian).
4. Framework using 1.6.3
5. Static Homepage can be turned off (for blogging purpose)
6. Multiple select for deleting.

That's all.

On going Project chages are :
1. Translating backpanel language to English.
2. Dynamic Sidebar.
3. User Management.
4. Logging system.
5. RSS output

That's all ;-)

your backpanel looks great srobet Wink
ok,we will wait your release this coming 8..good luck..

Hi, this is link for Tarichi at SourceForge


sourceforge is missing the SQL file
it can be found here

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