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New Tool: Kool Dev with CodeIgniter 4 Preset

Hello, CodeIgniter 4 community.

I'm a developer from Brazil and have been using CodeIgniter as one of my main frameworks for years. With that, I try to contribute to the community whenever possible, in many different ways. That's why I came to introduce you to a very useful tool, developed by a team of developers from Brazil, Kool.dev

Kool is a CLI to support the use of Docker and containers. The big difference is that it works with “presets” – understand how: ready-to-use packages, frameworks and others. A while ago it only offered Laravel and PHP (7.4 or 8.0) presets – speaking of PHP, but I submitted a PR for introducing a CodeIgniter 4 preset, and it was accepted by the team. Now we can count on this preset.

Well, you might ask yourself: “But what is Kool's differentiator, what does he do to help me?”. The answer is simple: Many people, like me, use Docker to develop in ways that isolate the environment into containers. For example my case: I don't have PHP/MySQL on my computer, everything I have is in the Docker containers – on my computer I have ONLY git. So when I needed a new “CodeIgniter App” what did I do? I just created a new docker-compose.yml containing everything I needed for that new application (image of apache, image of mysql, image of redis and etc...), I did it manually.

With Kool, the way to instantiate an application changes, but for the better! As Kool is a CLI for Docker and offers presets (now also with CodeIgniter 4) I no longer need to have manual work, with two commands I have the CodeIgniter environment ready to use, see an example:

1. Create a folder with CodeIgniter:
kool create codeigniter <folder>

This command will open a wizard asking for some information, like: what version of PHP do you want to use? Which database? What cache system and etc...

2. Start the container (php + webserver, etc.):
kool run setup

This command will make an apparatus of things from the first setup: install the vendor, copy the env to .env among other things.

3. Next time I just need to run:
kool start

And ready! In the end the Kool:
1. Download the latest CodeIgniter
2. Asking me what I wanted to use and prepared the entire structure of docker-compose.yml
3. Made everything ready for `setup` and `start`

Now, to finish off the application is running on http://localhost – without me doing ANY manual work.

If you want to know the CodeIgniter preset and the Kool, go to: https://kool.dev and https://kool.dev/docs/presets/codeigniter

Video demo:

Hope this helps!

Thank you its huge helper for ci devloper i appreciateed
Enlightenment  Is  Freedom

The Laravel preset worked just fine, but i can't get the Codeigniter preset to create the database for some reason. And since i don't know what the default root password is, i can't run mysql_secure_installation to reset it

See docker-compose.yml for passwords.

Thank you, that works. I'm still figuring docker out. But anyway, since it worked on Laravel, i thought it should work the same for CodeIgniter too. Without the need to edit the docker-compose file. It's not a big deal, but still a bug on the Codeigniter preset.

And thank you so much for the contribution!

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