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Visual Studio Code cannot detect CI4 functions

Hello and good day! Can someone help me how can I get intellisense to work completely for CI4? Like this method for request object, it doesn't get detected.

[Image: f8I91W6.png]

I have the following extensions:

[Image: Foep7r6.png]

Note: Only the intellisense is not working for CI4 only, not for the others like PHP, CSS, HTML.

Hi, I am using VS Code. `$this->request` is typehinted to the RequestInterface while `getPost()` is a method from the `IncomingRequest` class, an implementing class of the RequestInterface. There exists a discrepancy of calling a method not defined in the interface but on the concrete class. For now, we can do nothing on it solidly. I suggest you ignore those red lines for now, at least.

phpStorm does the same thing, only thing to do is like @paulbalandan mentioned.
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PHP Intellisense for CodeIgniter developer has an alert on the extension page in VS Code:
This extension is developed for codeigniter framework 3.X (Don't support CI 4.X).

VS Code still no have CI4 system functions autocomplete? How about add official QoL extension update for CI4?
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Visual Studio Code Version: 1.79.2
PHP Intelephense v1.9.5

[Image: 2023-06-26-8-18-48.png]

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