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CodeIgniter Reception

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Hi all- I keep a finger on the pulse of the larger webdev community. CodeIgniter gets a real bad reputation, presumable due to how long CI3 held onto “legacy processes”. Here’s a particularly poignant display from today: https://www.reddit.com/r/webdev/comments...igniter_4/

What can we do to improve our framework’s reputation and reception and get more people to use what I believe is a great product?

(Also if you use Reddit, go chime in on that thread!)

Hi @MGatner, Did you have a chance to check another thread here which kilishan started?

Maybe we can unite two threads and set sail for a solution for the next step, one by one, I believe. Because it looks like both your concerns here and our concerns there lead to the same point.

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in CI 4+ have a lack of social and forums tutorials and communications also need to have special web/blog for a real and critical lesson for newbie and geek
once these are done I believe lots will staring falling in love as it its simplicity and non-monolithic
Codeigniter First, Codeigniter Then You!!


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there is an element of a presupposition here @MGatner ; the wider webdev ?

I'm trying to take an objective view . You've selected a group of people that you seem to be worried about . The question might be actually who is the demographic of people who might use Codeigniter4 that maybe currently don't. There is an argument( mainly within nerds) that you can't compare Wordpress with Codeigniter because Wordpress is a CMS and CodeIgniter is a framework .

yeah but to Joe public WordPress is something can use to get the job done for websites. In terms of reddit somebody mentioned fatfree framework; well quite some time ago the single developer a guy called bonka if i've spelt his name right stated that due to various circumstances he wasn't able to give hardly any time to development. Another guy in Germany then tried to take over. Looking at the release numbers , it doesn't seem to have developed far since i last used it. So those commenting on reddit are a bit out of date.

So i think or at least it seems to me that before CI4 team start worrying about contribution to development , who thinks what first you need to decide what you want and which group of people you are going to target. Laravel seems to me to target mainly what I would describe as an "elite" group of developers. Wordpress appeals to just about everybody including "left mouse clickers" you couldn't really call them developers.

I will point out to you an example of what can happen if you leave all the thinking to the serious coders - Slackware Linux
I've written documentation for it on the documentation a site for Slackware where "Alien Bob: is the moderator. he's contributed immensely to Slackware but recently even he lost patience. if your not careful, limited thinking , where you just work from a place where you've already decided and you take decisions on the basis of that can leave you in a very limited place.

Wordpress has a huge following and even if due to its following only 0.1% of the total do actual development thats a lot of people. In business, I know from experience that getting things going is hard work; marketing is needed after a certain momentum , no marketing is needed because the business is self marketed , because people if they like it tell their friends.

Now don't take it the wrong way but here is one problem , if the thinking is left to just those that do the serious coding then everything is from their perspective , which might be quite limiting.

Now wordpress when i last had my brain running on 4 cylinders is based on a single premise of php the function. Classes are mention but if you look inside them you don't see the elements of how a class might be written. Thats probably why for extendability they use plugins which have an abomination in terms of code.

If i wanted to get CI4 going i would target those that can hardly code; i 've got a CMS , include beer did one i believe for his blog, another guy seems to be doing one.
Not sure how it could all be pulled together but i would go for the Wordpress demographic; then decide how that would be done.

I agree with @luckmoshy though that maybe these two threads should be amalgamated.
I use Arch Linux by the way 

CMS in Action

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Ci4 son estructuras muy buenas para el desarrollo. Ya lo eran Ci3.
Crear orden en un lenguaje tan completo como Php y mantener la flexibilidad, da como
resultado una herramienta de trabajo muy poderosa para el desarrollo.
Este es mi ultimo encargo por parte de un empresario que regenta un comercio de imprenta
muy centrado en restaurantes, bares, cafeterías, etc.
Al cual le propuse, debido al tema del Covid, programar una aplicación para la autogestión de las cartas de restaurantes, bares, cafeterías vía Web.
La empresa cerro temporalmente y yo no cobré mi propuesta.

He continuado trabajando, sql, php, html, bootstrap, textos, gráficos, videos... todo, hasta llegar a un punto presentable para el publico con la esperanza de poder recuperar mi inversión o al menos mantener como currículum para conseguir un buen trabajo.
Con la ayuda de un marco de trabajo robusto y flexible a sido posible realizar el trabajo yo solo.

Todo esta en Ci4 (mvc), MythAuth de Lonnie Ezell, y algunas librerías para pdf, generación de código QR y PayPal.
Muchas gracias a Lonnie Ezell por esta súper base Myth Auth.


Este otro esta en Ci3 y es un buen catalogo bien planificado para poder ampliarse en productos, categorías, subcategorías.
Tiene un muy bien planificado sistema de traducciones el cual se base en tablas sql y actualmente solo pidieron dos idiomas, español y catalán, donde todas las tablas referentes a características de los productos terminan en un: _es, _en, _it, pudiendo traducirse a todos los idiomas por medio de crear otra tabla con ejem: características_de.

Ci3 era buenísimo, y Ci4 es una maravilla tecnológica. Felicidades a este gran equipo y a estas iniciativas.

Lo siento pero mi ingles es horrible.

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Ci4 are very good structures for development. They already were Ci3.
Creating order in a language as complete as Php and maintaining flexibility results in a very powerful development tool.
results in a very powerful working tool for development.
This is my last order from a businessman who runs a printing store, very focused on restaurants, bars, cafes, cafes, etc.
very focused on restaurants, bars, cafes, etc..
I proposed him, due to the Covid issue, to program an application for the self-management of the menus of restaurants, bars, cafes via Web.
The company closed temporarily and I did not get paid for my proposal.

I have continued working, sql, php, html, bootstrap, texts, graphics, videos... everything, until I reached a presentable point for the public with the hope of recovering my investment or at least keep it as a resume to get a good job.
With the help of a robust and flexible framework it has been possible to do the work on my own.

Everything is in Ci4 (mvc), MythAuth by Lonnie Ezell, and some libraries for pdf, QR code generation and PayPal.
Many thanks to Lonnie Ezell for this super base Myth Auth.


This other one is in Ci3 and is a good catalog well planned to be able to expand in products, categories, subcategories.
It has a very well planned translation system which is based on sql tables and currently only asked for two languages, Spanish and Catalan, where all tables referring to product features end in a: _es, _en, _it, and can be translated to all languages by creating another table with e.g.: características_de.

Ci3 was great, and Ci4 is a technological marvel. Congratulations to this great team and these initiatives.

Sorry but my English is horrible.

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