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Announcing Shield: an Official Authentication library

(06-02-2022, 09:22 PM)kilishan Wrote: One of the most requested features in CodeIgniter for years has been an authentication/authorization solution as part of CodeIgniter. I'm proud to announce that today is that day. CodeIgniter now has an official auth library: Shield.

Among the many features that Shield ships with are:

  1. Session-based authentication (traditional email/password with remember me)
  2. Stateless authentication using Personal Access Tokens
  3. Optional Email verification on account registration
  4. Optional Email-based Two Factor Authentication after login
  5. Magic Login Links when a user forgets their password
  6. Flexible groups-based access control (think roles, but more flexible)
  7. Users can be granted additional permissions
  8. User Entity and UserModel ready for you to use or extend
  9. A simple helper that provides access to the most common auth actions
  10. Easily extendable controllers
  11. All required views that can be used as is or swapped out for your own
  12. Highly configurable
  13. Built to extend and modify
  14. Save initial settings in your code so it can be in version control, but can also be updated in the database, thanks to our Settings library

While this is an initial release, it already provides a fairly thorough set of features, that should handle the needs of 80% of the projects your work on. We hope you find it helpful, and I'm looking forward to see it continue to help you build secure applications in the future.

Thank you very much @kilishan, it is very helpful. [url=https://forum.codeigniter.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=18][/url]

Thanks a lot !

This is really something CI lacked by default!

Congratulations on this great innovation ?
--- I am not a developer ---

Very good news!  Congratulations to you ?
This is really something that CodeIgniter was missing to position itself against Laravel I think
--- I am not a developer ---

Nice job!

Thank you very much @kilishan

Looking really good! Great job guys.
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good news.

Thank you. Make CI great again Big Grin

I wonder if this means Myth/Auth will be abandoned at some point in the future.

Myth:Auth in search of maintainer.
See https://forum.codeigniter.com/showthread.php?tid=81676

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