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Finally - a new Twitter account!

It's been way too long since CodeIgniter has had any form of social media presence. In large part because I'm not great at keeping up with socials and, after Jim passed away, I was unable to get access to the old account. I've tried a number of different times, and was trying to work with one of Jim's sons that had helped out originally with accounts became out of contact as I tried again last month to retrieve it. So - we created a new account - CodeIgniterPhp.

Because I know how bad I am at social media, @php_rocs will be the primary person in charge of Twitter for the time being, though both myself and @MGatner also have access to it. That way, if something happens to one of us, we don't lose access to the account again.

Huge thanks to @demyr who has put together the profile image and header for us, which you will see on the account.

If you visit now, there's nothing much to see, but that will be changing soon, as we get up and running. Huge thanks to the ever-growing team that is building up around CodeIgniter again as we continue to keep improving CodeIgniter and the ecosystem around it.

Soo happy to see that finally we have it again!
You're welcome @kilishan. Feeling proud of being the first follower.

Thanks for the efforts. I'm looking forward to see the first post.

Thank you @demyr for the profile and banner pics. Good job!  Cool
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Thank you all!

And please add the official site URL https://codeigniter.com/ in the account page.

@kenjis , Done. I've also added a couple of tweets... more to come.

@php_rocs Thanks! Good.

Thank you guys.
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(06-09-2022, 12:39 PM)includebeer Wrote: Thank you @demyr for the profile and banner pics. Good job!  Cool

You're welcome. It was a quick touch of mine in a short time and hope to design something bigger next time.

By the way, I believe we should all post something on Twitter in our local language (if not, then of course in English) to promote our Twitter account. What do you think?

I feel the beginning of change.
Create a dynamic community for Codeigniter.
Shield, Twitter, tutorial videos ...

I see a bright future. It only needs one leadership to manage.

The Codeigniter must regain its original position.

@demyr Definitely follow & recommend the new CodeigniterPHP twitter account. I'm already seeing positive responses.

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