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CodeIgniter vs Laravel - speed and memory


My team and I are about to develop a government website that will receive millions of hits daily.

We are in doubt between CodeIgniter 4 and Laravel.

Please can someone show a benchmark of speed and memory usage for rendering a simple HTML page comparing the two frameworks.



@athosss ,  Here is a good read https://kinsta.com/blog/php-benchmarks/

Interesting info in that comparison. One thing to note is that the Laravel benchmark did not hit the database, it doesn't look like, while the CodeIgniter one does. There's many things to take into consideration other than just raw HTML performance, though that's a decent baseline to start looking at.

The benchmarks @php_rocs pointed are benchmarks for PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1.
They are not framework benchmarks.

All benchmarks not measured by you are not so helpful for you.
They are the result of another app on another server somewhere and have little or nothing to do with your app.

Just my five cents from hosting a SaaS system with ~1 million requests/day written in CodeIgniter 4.1.9 and running PHP 8.1. Running as Dockers in AWS ECS. 

We considered Laravel because of a massive rewrite needed moving from CodeIgniter 3.1.x. After testing some code we saw slowdown in Laravel with PHP 8 (we did not use fpm). Also the application model was not suitable for us because we have no page rendering in the backend but instead a PWA front-end using AJAX-calls, Laravel has many great templating libraries we didn't need. 
The size of Laravel framework, reliance on CLI tools, confusing class naming and crazy amount of packages was another complexity we didn't have time to handle. 
We ended up re-writing all code from 3.1.x to 4.1.x

* You should spend your time optimizing OPCache - once the files are in there speed improves
* Cache all data you can! We are using REDIS to store non-volatile to avoid hitting the database
* Design with Load-Balancers in mind from first line of code. Treat the instances running your code as read-only and make sure they can scale horizontally

Wishing you all the luck with your project!

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