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Relocating the app folder

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if i relocate the app folder the ROOTPATH will not be created correctly, because it is one folder above the app folder. This is not working if i relocate the app folder:

Root -> app -> this is working

Relocating the app folder:
Root -> codeigniter->app -> this is not working, because the ROOTPATH is codeigniter. This is not correct.

PHP Code:
// The path to the project root directory. Just above APPPATH.
if (! defined('ROOTPATH')) {
    define('ROOTPATH'realpath(APPPATH '../') . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

I think relocating is not possible or is there any solution?

You'll need to update the app/Config/Paths.php file with the correct settings. IIRC, that's all you should need to do to make it all work.

Quote:because the ROOTPATH is codeigniter. This is not correct.

What is the "codeigniter" directory for?

I'm not sure ROOTPATH really means.
But I'm sure .env file must be at ROOTPATH.

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(06-16-2022, 11:00 PM)kenjis Wrote: Why?
What is the "codeigniter" directory for?

This directory is from an older installation. I had an application folder in it and now i want to keep the folder structure. Yes i could change it, but this is not the topic :-)

Lets say my project root is a folder named my_project_root.
Why is the ROOTPATH not correct? My app folder is in my_project_root/codeigniter/app and if i echo out the ROOTPATH variable i get my_project_root/codeigniter because of this code:

PHP Code:

The root is one level above from the APPPATH. In my case the root is 2 levels above the APPPATH

The ROOTPATH should be my_project_root. In this folder i have my .env file and not in my_project_root/codeigniter. The ROOTPATH depends on the APPPATH and i suggest this is the reason i cant relocate the folder

Okay, you have only one app in the my_project_root, and ROOTPATH should be my_project_root.

How about adding the following code in app/Config/Paths.php ?

PHP Code:
define('ROOTPATH'__DIR__ '/../../../' DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); 

@kenjis yes this is working. I didn't know that i can redefine the ROOTPATH, because it is defined in the bootrap.php. But then this is the solution. Should it be in the documentation? I didn't understand this comment from the Paths.php

"The folder can also be renamed or relocated anywhere on your getServer. If you do, use a full getServer path."

This is only possible by redefining the ROOTPATH? What does getServer mean?

Oh! "getServer" seems to be mistake of "find and replace". It means just "Server".


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