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CodeExtinguisher 2.0 Release Candidate 14.2

[quote author="Majd Taby" date="1248646357"]Codeextinguisher is an automated backend generator. The project is in a state of disarray right now as I'm way too busy to work on it at the moment. Development will pick up soon though. Let me know if you need more derailed info.[/quote]

haha OK - I completely understand.

I've come across this thread multiple times before and it's massive - If there was just a smidge of info about what it actually does, then I probably wouldn't be asking questions Smile


I try to use CodeIgniter and I have some difficulties. Before grinding the code, I would like to see if it does not already exist.
What is that somebody could help me with these questions :

I have 2 tables :
Quote:book : book_id | book_name | auteur_id |
auteur : auteur_id | auteur_name | auteur_first_name |

I would like to show in my page "Book" auteur_name & auteur_first_name.

How I can create this link in a yaml files ?

Where can I find a detailed example of the possibilities/capabilites of the yaml?

Thanks a lot for your help. Smile


Nobody can help me ?
I am a little disappointed, because I would like to use CodeExtinguisher, but if I can not show the connections of table, I am blocked.
I work on it since 3 days.
As James Brown sang : Pleaaaaaase !!


Can you modify the original post and tell use what CodeExtinguisher is? I'm clueless and the site is down... But with 47 pages of replies it must be something worth looking at!

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
I'll post the old screencast once my laptop returns from repair. But CodeExtinguisher is a complete and automated backend generator. It plugs directly into your database and gives you an interface to manage your data without any code. And with a little bit of configuration, you can tap into a wide variety of plugins that let you customize your forms.

OK, so there is no issue for me.

Hi Guys,

I've got some mysql tables with over 3000 records in them so I was hoping someone could point in the direction of Jtaby's server-side pagination code.

It's not available at http://jtaby.com/bucket/Archive.zip anymore Sad And I've searched high and low across the forums for it too...

I'm new to the whole CodeExtinguisher game but from my initial play I'm loving what I see.

Keep up the great work hey Smile


Problem solved! )

Hey Majd Taby, the demo link is down. Would love to see this at work.

Problem solved! )))

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