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Watch as I build a blog and LMS from scratch

Over at my Patreon, I just announced a new series where I'm rebuilding my Learn CodeIgniter site from scratch. This will be a supporter-only series, but will lead up to a platform where I can start posting better content and launch some new short and focused video courses.

While the first course will be a "How to build a blog" series that will form the foundation of the following batch of courses (see the roadmap), this new vlog lets me share my experience as I go through the processs, my thoughts on why I'm building it the way I am, and any frustrations I had to tackle along the way. It will let you kind of look over my shoulder as I build a site from nothing. At least, the interesting, important bits. Smile

If this is something that you would find interesting, I encourage you to sign up at Patreon and follow along. If not, no worries. Enjoy your day!

i think thats good news; it would be interesting to see how someone that knows what they are doing , go about it.
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That's very interesting, i'm not much of a reader my focus will fly around the room like ADHD on a heavy metal song  Angel 

An explanation via a video is often easier for me personally to follow and keep my mind on it. Support this!

Thanks, guys. Just dropping a note that the first episode is live (and is free for everyone to watch).

In it I talk about:

- how it's organized
- how I think about a models role
- using HTMX for faster and smoother content loading and page switching.
- why I like TailwindCSS
- and more....

@kilishan, Sounds very good.
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good voice,
I hope that by developing it, you will allow the teaching to be published by the rest of the community there.
An educational resource for Codeigniter, by several instructors, to grow the Codeigniter community.

In addition, please remove IP restrictions from cloudflare  config.
I do not have access to your site from Iran.

I got an error when visiting learncodeigniter.net.

Error code: 1020
Ray ID: 77ed9ed01fcd68e5
Country: IR
Data center: fra03
Timestamp: 2022-12-25 00:57:02 UTC

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eagerly waiting............ This is what CI will help underground to move better forward Bon fire made a lot easily
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Looks great, followed the link to your patreon, read several articles, unfortunately I do not have a patreon account to subscribe to you.
Welcome to the real world

Just a quick update that the second vlog is up over at Patreon.

This one is just for members, but in it I cover how I handle relationships between Entities, even without an ORM. We also look at controlled cells (well, cells in general), and using more HTMX to build out the comments section.

I think that's a great way for me to learn important basics. I will be happily supporting you at Patreon.
Keep up the nice work man.
K thx bye

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