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WARNING - All New Users Please READ!

WARNING - All New Users Please READ!
For the last month now myself and I'am sure other Modulators have been telling you New Users to not use
CUT, COPY & PASTE for your code to posts because it also copies the HTML code and makes your post unreadable!
I have fixed lots of them but I'am no longer going to fix them. If you cannot post your code without HTML
and you cannot follow the Forum RULES, you will start to get a WARNING added to your profile from me.
This has to STOP! We have enough problems on the Forums with SPAMMERS!

IF you have to CUT, COPY & PASTE, you can fix this issue by pasting it into like Windows NotePad first then
copying it to the post which will remove the HTML code. I'm sure other OS's also have something like NotePad.
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yes Linux has for instance "geany" a powerful text editor using the GTK2/GTK3 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development environment.
I use Arch Linux by the way 

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