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Hi Everybody

I am working on project that hold news content of globe.
Now i am on can show the category of news on page. but the requirement is if i select the news on secondhalf of page i have to show all related news that have selected before. what is logic i have to used behind this. This is problem that i am facing. so please help and guide me how i can do this.

Best Regard
Amjad Farooq

Not too sure if I understand your question here, but to show "related" news maybe you can add tags to your newsi stories and that way you can pull out all simlar tags?

can you post me some theoratcally material that i can read and make it clear for me.

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
I'll try to explain.

With each entry the user also enters tags - simple keywords that describe the situation. So for a sample article, let's use "The Extinct Short-snouted Aardvark: A Case Study", you might have "short-snouted", "aardvark", and "starved". Then you can query your database for articles that contain one or more of the same tags.

The biggest problem I see here is that news are only relevant for about a week. So just drawing on old articles doesn't present relevant information. Instead you might try to categorize news. For example the New York Times has "World", "US", "Region", "Technology", "Science", "Arts", etc. They just display recent articles in the same category, as those are more relevant.

thanks i will try to do it practically.

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