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Suggestion: A CheatSheet Page for Easy Update


It's my one month with CodeIgniter and I'm happy and ignited. Another 8 days and I will be one month as a member in this community.

As a newcomer and to incoming newcomers, we really would like to grab all the help we can get...such as tutorials, user guide, community assistance and cheatsheet, unfortunately our cheatsheet is out-of-date.

I'd like to propose that we as a community contribute to complete it. My problem is that how should we do this. My original idea is to post my partially completed list here and have anyone fill up the missing sections but I think it would be a mess so how do you think should this be properly done?

My other idea is that there should be a dedicated and administered page for this that every now and then everybody gets to see and make comments and suggestions so that everytime a new version comes and there are some change we(or an administrator) could simply add/edit/delete and we(or an administrator) could just easily create/update a PDF and make it available for download.

That's just a suggestion by the way how about you guys what do you think?

A cheat sheet for CI? And I thought the user guide was robust... You can't make it any shorter if you ask me. Or am I missing smth?

I'm referring to something like the Quick Reference it's very outdated, and if somehow we could also update that every release or if there are some addition/deletion/depreciation in some of the syntax.

This could be a good addition specially if you cannot recall immediately the appropriate CI syntax for the job.

do a small search on the forum, some are already working on that.

a 1.6.2 version more updated and well done already exist.

good luck !

ah.... i was starting to make my own coz i lost hope no one would make it. thanks anyway for this it would be a great help specially to us newbies. :lol:

I have just released Code Igniter 1.7.1 Quick Reference Cheatsheet as printable pdf at http://www.designfellow.com

I first created this for my reference & i wanted to share with CI geeks.

So,please have a look & spread the word Smile



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