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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.2

[eluser]Milos Dakic[/eluser]
Found a small bug/annoyance. Since I use the modules folder for everything, there is no need for me to have a blank 'controllers' folder in the root application directory. If you remove that directory, your default controller would fail to load. I think it should work if the folder is there or not.

Hi Milos, Can you try this again with version 5.2.15, I have an application that appears to work ok without a controllers directory.

[eluser]Milos Dakic[/eluser]
An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load your default controller. Please make sure the controller specified in your Routes.php file is valid.

Modular Extensions HMVC version 5.2.16 is now available on the wiki.

Updated to allow loading an array of libraries.

Modular Extensions HMVC version 5.2.17 is now available on the wiki.

Updated to fix a bug where controller argument variables are set to NULL.

(Apologize for cross-posting on wiki thread)

Im just experimenting and ive created a clean install

ive created a controller welcome that loads a view in the normal application directory
this view contains the line
echo modules::run('core_bits/welcome/get_header');

I then created a module called core_bits in modules that has a controller welcome that references a view in its directory under the method get_header.

when I go to

I get my welcome message but not the view from my module and no error message.

if i go to


I get the partial I wanted.

if I change the line to
echo modules::run('sdasaf/sadf/asdf');

I still get no error

but if I change it to
echo modules2::run('core_bits/welcome/get_header');

I get
Fatal error: Class 'modules2' not found

so it recognising the class but not apparently running it right

I know there is some schoolboy error here but I cant see it

any help appreciated !

@Matt, Check the wiki thread for a reply.

I tried to call a controller with htis Module-Call:
this doesn't work, because of the parameter param1 I added to the uri,
but I could not find a reason why this should not be supported too.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance for any hint.

Parameters need to be separate from the URI string, apologies if the wiki is not clear.
<?php echo modules::run('module/controller/method', $param1); ?>

Thank you for your reply! now it works! ;-)

another question/problem I came across (same as following post):

I use $this->load->model('Test_model'); like it is recommended in the User Guide.
codeigniter searches for the class Test_model in the file test_model.php

But Modules seems to search for Test_model in the file Test_model.php (which doesn't exists)

Shouldn't the function in Modules work the same as CI does?

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