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Database Session Library

I was taking a look at Redux this morning (looks awesome too, Popcorn) and there's some discussion in there about using database sessions along with about 5 links to various database session libraries to use with CodeIgniter. I was wondering if people had any experience with those libraries and which would be the best one to use. Thanks for any advice! Smile

The one that we decided to use and have used for the past couple of months with little problems is NGsession

Just take note of the suggested fixes on page 3 as well Wink

Awesome, I'll definitely check that one out. Thanks, Lone!

I've been getting an error using NGsession the last few days. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Error Number: 1194

Table 'nova_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

DELETE FROM `nova_sessions` WHERE `last_activity` < 1216676832

I've also been using NGSession and have had no problems with it.

Aside to AgentPhoenix: Sounds like your mysql table is in need of repair and it's not necessarily NGSession causing the problem. A google search of your problem turned up numerous references:

Table '{something}' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

If you receive an error message on your web site that says that a table "is marked as crashed and should be repaired," or anything mentioning an issue with ".MYI", ".MYD", or ".FRM' file(s)... usually this can be remedied by running a repair on your MySQL database from inside your cPanel.

1) Login to your cPanel
2) Go to the MySQL section, and click the "REPAIR" icon next to your database's name

I am in the same boat as you AgentPhoenix and I took a look at DB_session (out-dated) and then DB2_Session and I just finished reading over the code and I think that it is a good lib for working with Redux (easy to edit).

DB2_Session was also built more recent than NGSession.

@zimco I did the repair, so we'll just have to see what that does. It's happening on all my machines that I've installed the application though, so it makes me think that either A) something's going awry in DB Forge when it's creating the sessions table, or B) the way NGsession stores data is causing issues.

@Xeoncross Thanks for the suggestion! I'm gonna pull it down and drop it into the application and see how it handles everything that I throw at it.

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