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PocketHPH as mobile PHP server

[eluser]Petr Pulc[/eluser]
Hi all,
I found after months of googling just one app, that can start something like Apache+PHP+SQL on my old PocketPc (with Windows Mobile 2003 SE). That is PocketHPH from http://mobileleap.net/hph/. Simple PHP scripts are running just fine, but with CI I have still some kind of problems (read: nothing but errors is displayed).

Main problem is, that HPH is some pseudo PHP parser and thus don't know all needed functions from original PHP.

I started making some workarounds, but it is a long track run and I don't think I should make it anyhow usable in less than a year. I mean by myself.

Some suggestions? Any other app, that works with CI? Someone want to help?

[eluser]Petr Pulc[/eluser]
Ok, nobody...

Maybe the question can be different. Does anyone from you make PHP scripts on something like pocket pc and runs these scripts on the same device?

Or do you know about any mobile platform (don't mean sub-notebooks), that is able to run native apache, php & sql? Can iPhone do that?

I personaly have a psion 5MX and have [urlhttp://www.ajwells.uklinux.net/]Sarge on it[/url].
When I have time, I'll try to have at least PHP through a CLI. I'm thinking about running a server on it, but as there's only 8 or 16MB of RAM, I don't think I'll get something usefull.

[eluser]Petr Pulc[/eluser]
[quote author="Grahack" date="1216403881"]... and have [urlhttp://www.ajwells.uklinux.net/]Sarge on it[/url].[/quote]

Well, seems like you are the lucky one. The lucky one whose mobile device is already working with Linux. That is not really my case with Acer n30 (jup, the cheapest handheld in fall '06 on Czech market). But maybe not the hopeless one, 'cause it has supported Samsung S3C2410 inside...

I wish I have penguin in my pocket...

Well, it's mobile but not a phone. Just an old (10 years) pda that is still quite useful for very simple tasks.

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