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DB design and file uploading


I'm midway through building an app which needs a simple CMS to handle text and images.

First of all the text. The website promotes a series of music gigs for a festival. I want a system that can

- give a time and place
- add as many number of bands as needed

I want the markup to be

<li class="rss-item">
  <h4 class="pryd">Saturday 04/08, 9pm</h4>
  <h4 class="ble">Solus/Bar Solus</h4>
  <ul class="artists">
    <li>Cate Le Bon</li>
    <li>Gwyneth Glyn</li>
    <li>The Gentle Good</li>
    <li>Georgia Ruth Williams</li>

The problem I have is how to put this info in a table. Do I need a Artists table like this?
gig_id | artist_name

or is there an easier/better way? It also needs to be bilingual.

I'll also need a way to upload images and display them - I'm fairly confident about this but any advice on librares, helpers etc is welcome.

The website is http://www.maesb.com/

Thanks for your help,


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