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problem with shell_exec in a library.

For the youtube-like website I'm developping for my work, I use the function below, with ffmpeg as Command, to convert a video file into flash, since it can take a long time to be converted (I redirect the output and then "ajax" it in a webpage, so that the user can go on doing something else meanwhile).
background process with php

function run_in_background($Command)
           $PID = shell_exec("nohup $Command 2> /dev/null & echo $!");

It works well with a simple PHP page.
It also works well with codeigniter if I put this function directly in the controller and call it with another function (for instance, index() )

$pid = $this->run_in_background($videofile);

It works means "I have the pid instantantly" and the web site goes on, while ffmpeg process in the background.

But I would like to use it with the library I created and it doesn't work.
It's defined as a method in my library (a simple copy/paste from this function in the library file)

I have another method, createflash(), in which there's a simple :

function createflash() {
$this->pid = $this->run_in_background($this->filename);

There's no error, but it waits for the function to finish (it can take several minutes) before finally displaying me the result . As if there wasn't the "nohup".

It looks like an instantiation behaviour problem, but I can't find where, since I'm far from being a specialist Wink


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