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Your impression of CI3 over others?

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(09-22-2015, 08:37 AM)albertleao Wrote: But honestly, if you're looking to really get paid, learn how to work Linux. Maybe learn how to setup some opscode stuff and you're looking at 100k+ easily.

Yep! Im a Linux Engineer, ive got about about 7 years experience, about 5 of that is professional experience, Im mostly self taught, learned Linux by starting my own biz, i didnt make much, but the goal was to learn Linux and get my foot in the door, and THAT was a great success. (In interviews, saying that yiu starte your own business to learn looks way better than paying someone thousands to tll you what to learn, lol... not that college is useless). 

In the process of all that, i learned a lot of PHP, Perl, MySQL, Bash, Etc..) And I can promise you that the market for Linux admins with scripting experience is booming! :-) you'd make $60k/yr for entry lvl, im over $120k, so imagine what even more experience will do! Im the youngest admin/engineer at every place ive worked thus far, lol

Most places I go that have me do PHP work, I notice that if they have CI and want me to work on it, its because they are heavily relying on it for something else, and dont have the time to update it. Anything new is Laravel.

I do trust that CI4 will be AWESOME though, and utilize some new features in PHP that arent utilized yet, (Namespaces, a better ORM, etc etc)

Good luck!

P.S., albertleao, +rep, just because, lol

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