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Alternative approach to "multiple applications"... is this an issue?

[quote author="J-Slim" date="1235510859"]I do something like this using sub-domains. Content is pulled from the database based on the sub-domain name. Different layouts can be shown if you store the layout name in the database also. Sub-domains are created from the admin area controller that hacks cPanel's sub-domain feature. I would imagine that it works for domains also. I actually have to create a site next week using multiple domains - same CI install. It's pretty simple.[/quote]

Because sub-domains and other primary domains are in a separate folder "by default" when you set them up in control panels like cPanel, do you place an index.php in each and change the application directory to the "master" site, or are you hacking the VirtualHost after creating these so that they all point to the same folder?

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Alternative approach to "multiple applications"... is this an issue? - by El Forum - 02-24-2009, 09:50 AM

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