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Parse error including vendor/autoload.php

If you're just putting the call to load the Composer autoloader straight into your index.php file, I would recommend moving the call above the require_once() call to CodeIgniter.php and try something like this:

PHP Code:
           if (file_exists(APPPATH 'vendor/autoload.php')) {
               require_once(APPPATH 'vendor/autoload.php');
           } elseif (file_exists(APPPATH '../vendor/autoload.php')) {
               require_once(APPPATH '../vendor/autoload.php');

You can take out the conditional which doesn't apply to the location of your autoloader, I simply copied this from what I use within Bonfire (though I load it in a hook so I can use the same config setting which is used in CI3).

If you put it after the call to CodeIgniter.php in your index.php file, it's too late to autoload anything.

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