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Forum system - how to track already read vs new messages, per user

OK, I've been thinking. Hopefully I'm on the right track here, because the last two pages of this thread have confused the bejesus out of me...

I still think a library should exist for this reason. The only problem I can see, is that the library would have to be aware of the forum structure to some extent, in order to mark child forums as being read.

To facilitate this, I think the library can contain functions that need to be overridden in order to return the data necessary. For example:

function get_child_forums($forum_id=0)
    # The user will override this function, which will return the child forums
    # of the specified forum. It's up to the user how they do this, the overridden
    # method can call the database, or a cached array, a file - anything!

And in case it's not already clear, the library will actually be a model, and the forum model should extend this model. Basically, the user is able to describe their forum structure to the library.

Now, I know I need to think this through a lot more, and perhaps have the forum structure represented by an array or something, but I think this is the key to creating a portable library - by bridging the gap between the library and the users' set-up.

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Forum system - how to track already read vs new messages, per user - by El Forum - 04-03-2009, 05:29 AM

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